About Us

How Was Bayles Removal Unlimited Founded?

Matthew Bayles, the owner of Bayles Removal Unlimited, is a native of Wilmington MA and has been involved in the family auction and junk removal businesses since he was very young. As his family's business grew into house clean-outs and trash removal, he continued to work for his family and gained valuable years of professional experience. 

In June 2011, Matthew branched out and launched Bayles Removal Unlimited along with his partner, Angela Williams. While Matthew oversees each appointment and speaks with each customer, Angela oversees the website and email account among other day to day tasks. 

The business continues to grow daily due largely in part to Matthew's dedication, professionalism and superior customer service. Each year he acquires more return clients because not only does excel in efficient work, he has the ability to anticipate his clients needs and maintains his motivation to save his clients the most money possible.